Monday, 5 March 2012

The recent trip and the confound surprise

Okay so I was out of the picture for quite sometime. My spring semester is going on and two weeks back, I was hell busy in my Mids but oh well they went real well, like always. but after that, I went on a trip worth more than 1000 Km's, perhaps 2000 Km's .Initially with friends and then with my folks. I needed this trip because its been such a long LONG time that nothing would have stopped me from going this time around. I seriously had fun during my trip to Islamabad. I didn't stay there for long, in fact went and came back on the same day. But soon I had to be in Arifwala in district Pakpattan in Sahiwal division since I had to attend my uncle's "Chehlum" so It was Lahore to Islamabad, then back to Lahore, then off to Arifwala, then to Khanewal further South then back to Arifwala and again back to my great Lahore. Man,this has been one long, extensive and very tiring trip.

...But this does'nt stop here, i mentioned the word 'confound surprise' in title for a reason. No, no its not because I found some long lost brother or friend or girl for myself, but because almost all of my relatives from Southern Punjab AKA Seraiki belt were gathered in Arifwala and since i am politically current in a very Apolitical way, I had to ask them about views on present government and most importantly Seraiki province.  Well I'll say it again that Seraiki belt continues to baffle me. Well over my adventure at the last stop of Central Punjab, from what i can gather is that most in young generation prefer Imran Khan and his party "Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf while older generation loathe him. The reason is that they think since the likes of Hashmis, Qureshis, Legharis etc have joined him in Southern Punjab, they feel as if the commoner is betrayed but I have to agree with them because they are not the only one's to think like that. Young generation are no less than PTI trolls who are always hell bent on defending Imran Khan. Yes Seraiki youth is no different from youth from the rest of Pakistan. As for Seraiki province, the young generations want it but purely on Administrative basis as for most in older generation, They are against it. The reason they tell me is that they believe Seraiki-Balochs along with Gillanis, qureshis and Hashmis control Seraiki belt while local and migrated Rajput and Jatt tribes are in minority when it comes to control, they think they will completely be left at the behest of people they think who came from 'outside'. They think Southern Rajput and Jatt tribes like Hirajs,Dahas, Rana, Raos, Daultanas, Khichis, Maher etc etc MUST unite and promote their interest. Yes the Southerners like others too fight within themselves but their point is genuine. Another reason is that with Seraiki enforced, the likes of Ranghars and Upper Punjabis will be thrown out since many from North and even from Pashtun belt come here to conduct business. The hate shown especially for Gillani and Baloch clans is way too much, in fact not much different from Balochs showing hate for Punjabis, its pretty much the same thing.

Okay whatever Ive mentioned is specifically the view of my 'maternal family' from Southern Punjab, in fact it is the view of the 'MOST' in maternal family and it does'nt mean everyone in Southern Punjab will agree with them. Also my blog is not about Punjab or Seraiki belt, its just that Ive been very busy lately and i will continue to talk about general topics so people wait up and you will read more Insh'Allah....