Monday, 8 July 2013

That One Moment and The choices We Make

There are times in our life when one moment you think the entire universe is with you and it shall work in every way to make things happen for you until you come across another moment, that moment, that second full of realization where every dream you had hoped would come true completely shatters away, every minute detail that you planned out withers away like it’s never going to matter again. That moment seems eternity and it is very hard to bear.

I guess I am beginning to realize for the first time in life that whatever is ahead of me won’t be easy and that pain is just part of it all, a parcel, a test that must be taken and whatever the result; must be accepted as well. Perhaps Almighty Has a plan that may matter later on but none of us really know what it shall be. Some may call it a beautiful struggle but in any case, if lessons are meant to be learned then Almighty makes sure we learn it anyway, easy or hard way, it solely is our choice.

Some have made their choices, good, bad and some worse. If they don’t learn from their own doings even if you try absolutely hard to make sure they do then only God will make them learn. I do think people need to realize that certain people who do come in our life leave, not because they are jealous or angry but because they are made to leave by our own choices. We realize it very late about their importance.

To world out there, cheers and let’s just never make wrong choices again. And if we do, let us just learn from them and move on for good.