Thursday, 7 July 2011

What is wrong with Karachi ?

So as I write this ,i cannot help but glance over and over again at television as various channels are reporting recent target killings in Pakistan's largest city Karachi. The recent figures I have with me are in fact 41 since last two days,YES 41 are dead and figures are expected to rise. For any Pakistani who has love for his country and every city with in cannot understand how come Karachi suffers this much,way too much than other cities like Lahore,Islamabad,Multan or even Peshawar as these cities ,though face terrorism related activities on daily basis along with Karachi but Karachi suffers at the hands of very people who vowed to protect it but we all know where their vow took us. So much so,target killings are so rampant that we do not get to hear about them after years but actually on monthly basis so much so that only in first half of this year ,more than thousand have been killed already. So is this even acceptable to say the least or do we need military operation against the very same people who have been directly responsible for such deaths. According to news all over Pakistan the culprits mainly are MQM and ANP. One talks about owning Karachi while mostly cater to needs of city's main ethnic group ,the Urdu speakers while ANP is Pakhtun nationalist party again catering needs to Pakhtun population of the city, so much the usual rants of 'Hindustani,Matarways ,Akhrots etc' for both groups are pretty much a norm now in Karachi where the tolerance for both ethnic groups seems to have reached a new low so my question is,what are Karachites doing about it ?

Being from a city that is second largest to Karachi and actually being a fan of the city,I cannot help but wonder again and again about this great city which is pretty much in ruins. Karachi is Pakistan's true cosmopolitan city where people from every walks of life are present,living side by side making ends meet for their families only for few senile and notorious goons to hijack the very peace that we Pakistanis yearn for. I hope my brethren in Karachi step up to this great injustice and make these so called "Political actors" finally own this great city. Otherwise 1000+ deaths this year would probably double up next year. Karachi is Mini-Pakistan ,a land of opportunities but seeing how it is faring compared to other cities now,i cannot help but breathe a sigh of mixed emotions wishing others cities dont follow suit to Karachi and that Karachi finally steps up to Pakistan's dream of being next major city of this world that is counted for not its notorious gangs and target killers but immense Economic output that it generates for not just Pakistan but South Asia.

But for now, Karachi suffers and not at the hands of outsiders but by her own inhabitants.


  1. This 'mini Pakistan' is shared by groups belonging to many different socio/cultural/political backgrounds who want a lion's share of the city's power. So hence the city becomes a power struggle between sparring groups.

    You cannot compare Karachi to other cities of Pakistan... for a starters, none of other cities have larger n more diverse population or the fact it is an economic hub of Pakistan. Karachi is a gold mine for many people... hence why people move to Karachi.

  2. Danya jee,Karachi is for everyone indeed and must be shared equally but we all know who actually controls Karachi,so much so that 'others' indeed want their share in it. The ongoing fight can be stopped if all these political actors sit down and talk but to no avail...instead the major game players are busy in killing each other.

    I used to think military solution is not right and perhaps an idea is too far fetched but for now,seeing what has happened in Karachi...I think military may very well be the solution we need :)