Sunday, 3 July 2011

My two cents on Ethnic nationalism

There is NOTHING,yes nothing wrong with ethnic nationalism and pride associated with it. Being from a country where there are different ethnic groups residing side by side will eventually lead you in an awkward position of finally able to accept others but who would do that ? Not many because if you're talking about your own ethnic group,your own culture and traditions so for most of them you're branded racist but here is the main question ; who do they brand them racists just because of a simple pride that is harmful ?

I am from Punjab and I think my culture,language and traditions are wonderful so 'technically' no one should have any problem and to make it icing on the cake,i think others are equally welcomed in learning more about my culture but how many would appreciate the opportunity to learn something new ? what puts them in a position to judge me on 'racist' terms just because i am a proud Punjabi. Reminds me of a political party that pretty much does the same. Oh wait,have I gone too far ? Not really,its just a truth and most of the times,it hurts !!

It is time we OWN our cultures,languages and traditions and save them while we can. We must be proud Punjabis,Pashtuns,Balochs,Seraikis,Sindhis,Kashmiris etc,we MUST own ourselves and truly then would we be able to OWN our dear country Pakistan..


  1. hey hey, wait, what other culture have your tried to learn mr punjabi? can you speak pashto, sindhi, balochi?

  2. @Snaz

    I can speak Seraiki and know one or two sentences of pashto. But But having said that by 'learning' it has more to do with people accepting others and their views which is not or in most cases,rarely the case with Pakistanis :)

    Like we have certain people who in my opinion should have no qualms in learning a new languages,a language of an area where they reside but they dont even accept others - This is Pakistan and everything is sad here !

  3. They grow up so fast... right before ur eyes.. :'( chalo ab zebi ke liye larrki dhoondtey hein. Masha'Allah writer ban gaya :-D

  4. Sobi please find me a larki ASAP :( and Im still a young kid :'(