Tuesday, 12 July 2011

All for Ummah !

        Islamic Republic of Pakistan or in Urdu as we say "Islami Jamhooria Pakistan" is a country mostly known for being the melting pot of different ethnic groups and of course our very own prized asset, The Jihadis. The thing is, our so called Islami Jamhooria Pakistan is not "Islami",neither "Jamhoori" and perhaps not even "Pak" leaving just "Stan" or in other simple words,a land and in our case that barren land that has apparently done nothing to garner her image which we could have but instead we looked sideways,upwards and thought perhaps we have a sofa to sit on only to fall down flat due to our very own inflated ego bruised,crushed and desperately looking for someone to pick us up.
The fact we decided to own,actually "OWN" our religion for the "supposed" betterment of Islamic Ummah is one main reason it lead to all this. Not only were we able to get support from thousand upon thousands of great Muslims,the actual "Allah ke Naek Banday" the Mujahids from Arabia and as far as central asian states,we were able to defeat Infidel Soviets and we got them good and trust me being a secular guy,I do think we got the soviets real good but then I am a Pakistani which means I have my fair share of inflated ego as well but oh well as long as I like 'very few' Pakistanis continue to realize our mistakes of owning religion and barging onto take "Panga" with a great super power for no apparent reason(Soviets may have attacked us is NO reason at all,me thinks) then I think there is some hope left as few sane Pakistanis  may very well get ourselves out from deep doodle. Wishful thinking ? IT IS !
The fact that we decided to eat grass as Great Bhutto once said is one such reason as well. Not only we were and are jealous of India but instead we looked at them with great apathy and to some extent rightly so as well since our neighbor have not been the best neighbor so far but then how are we any different ? We went nuclear,played havoc with Afghanistan as it was before Zia ul Haq that Zulfiqar Ali bhutto actually started Jihad there and to an extent made it our very own unofficial fifth province. But we did it all for Islamic ummah as Afghans were lying next to a shinning star,the protege of Islamic Ummah called Pakistan hence we thought it was our duty to do some good to them. Voila,Afghans today are our best friends and recent Afghan plus NATO skirmishes on bordering province of Kunar leading to Afghan military shelling our military posts is a sign of their great friendship.
The fact that we decided not to give autonomy to any province,went ahead with centralized system in Pakistan lead to Bengalis,yes those "Kalay kalotay chotay tidey Bengalis" as our rulers thought of them pre-1970 , getting their own independent state. Also by going ahead with military operations in Balochistan in almost every decade,carpet bombing Balochistan which in 1970's lead to 15000 Balochs being killed. Today not just Balochistan but not a single province enjoys Autonomy in Pakistan and yes Punjab and Sindh do not at all enjoy Autonomy as well but we did it all for Ummah.
We as a nation must realize that our very own actions that lead to our undoing and perhaps if we stop misusing the very religion which supposedly should have united us,we can still save Pakistan but Alas Ummah matters,yes those Arabs,those Chechens,those Afghans,those muslim Indians etc etc matter more than Pakistanis. In the end,we did it all for Ummah. God indeed made us generous !


  1. yar stop blogging and concentrate on you know what :ppp

    p.s : great article. it may hurt people's feelings but it is truth too :(((

  2. i'm afraid, this article won't be taken positively too.

    But nice article who ever you are!!

  3. Ain and Geekg,Thank you :)

    Even though im a new blogger and not many know anything about me but I still intend to discuss issues which have brought Pakistan to where it is standing today and trust me,we did it all ourselves and if we still think blaming 'outsiders' will help us in a way then it wont,it'll only create more problems as we as a nation is pretty much impervious to a thing called Introspection :)
    but wait for more posts,I intend to write more in future Insh'Allah :)

  4. You seriously think Afghans are our best friends? They don't even recognize the Durand Line and constantly have rallies against Pakistan. Fuck them.

  5. I can understand why Afghans and Pakistanis BOTH hate each other but hate wont take us anywhere. I personally believe that the border should stay as it is,we dont need to fence it and all because pashtuns here and on that side are related and THAT IS WHY I believe we must be Afghanistan's true friend.After all,we did screw their country as our policy of "strategic depth" backfired.

    Also believe that our relation with India TOO depends on our dealings with Afghanistan. :)