Saturday, 1 December 2012

TCF 4th day - Exposure Trip

It's been two weeks since TCF's Hero speaker session which I and kids thoroughly enjoyed and now with Rahbar session in its 4th week, we had another milestone coming up and this one was about Exposure trip. This trip was about encouraging kids about different careers ahead of them. Growing up not many kids gets to know about other careers since almost all of our families expect either us to be Engineers or Doctors and any other profession is mostly a no-go. I was seriously looking forward to this trip and for various number of reasons. Our venue for today is a university we all would love to get into but not all of us *ahem* me *Ahem* can get in. Yes we went to LUMS. This was one trip I'll never forget.

Finally, December is here and Lahore is darn cold so waking up early and this time 'really' early, followed by full on jogging session; isn't really my thing but did it thinking Ive to be fully prepared for this one out. Last time I did this was when we used to play weekly football matches early in the morning so I used to spend an extra running session way early just to get into groove. First all mentors had to gather at Nurpur campus where two transport buses were hired to take us to LUMS. So timing and punctuality was something that was very important because Travelling to Nurpur then LUMS and then back to Nurpur before finally reaching our designated pick points required a lot of patience and perseverance and If we were a lot patient, you should've seen our coordinator today. The man did a great job. First from Nurpur we took kids straight to LUMS where university administration had already made a wonderful arrangement for students to know about their 'National outreach programme' and of course campus visit. The whole NOP session that included a short video sub-session as well was great and this programme outlined everything out to students since this is made for those who cannot afford a university like LUMS. The idea about this university among general populace is that its for elite class but that is not at all the case and these kids who had no idea about a university let alone LUMS, clearly knew now what sort of great future they can possess if they choose to work hard and get here. After the NOP session, we all were shown the entire campus especially the respective academic departments.

I must tell a little instance here which just made my day. There is this kid, Momin in our group 'Sunshine' that in my opinion has that 'spark' in him and even though others are very special and great as well but I seriously believe this kid can actually go forward. Today after the NOP session when we were walking off to dining center, I noticed this kid thinking a lot so I asked what was he thinking. He told me he actually believed he can get in. Though he was quite surprised when I told him I was rejected by LUMS but I tried to tell that no matter what happens, 'hard work' is the only thing that can take him forward so he quickly reaffirmed his point that he can get in and for me that just made my day. Not only this, he was quick to calculate his chances as well considering his 9th board exams are quite near so he believes he's in a position to not just apply but get financial aid as well. The kid maybe quiet but when you start to talk to him, you can see that burning fire, that spark in him and that is great.

 I may not be the best mentor out there since there are many better one's already there making a big difference but seeing just one actually dreaming great things and actually working hard to achieve it, is just great and even though its a wish but I hope it does come true. Not just for one kid but all of them.

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