Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Why PPP is not a right choice for Pakistan.

 Pakistan Peoples Party was founded by Pakistan's former Prime minister and President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto way back in 1967 and over the period of two to three years,PPP became arguably the most famous party in Pakistan and after the fall of Dhaka,took control of Pakistan and Zulfiqar Ali bhutto became President and later Prime minister of the country.

Ideologically PPP is leftist in nature and secular but I being a person who has kept close eyes on PPP over last few years can safely say that whatever PPP did in their history so far had nothing,absolutely nothing to do with "Secularism" .Not only are they not secular in real but would also like to jot some points below about how they have been disastrous for Pakistan and how are they not right for our future.

First of all, PPP being leftist believes in "Islamic Socialism". I can understand their socialistic ideology but "Islamic Socialism" is exactly what ? seems this term is another name of "Pan-Islamism" or if not then what else is it ? Yes,it is an oxymoron. Socialism is a different thing altogether from 'Islamic' system.

Secondly, PPP made Pakistan "Islamic Republic". Any party that claims to be leftist and secular in nature would never eye a country based on "religious beliefs". Not only PPP made mistakes but used "Islam" just as much as Jihadis and ruined her image,not to forget ruined Pakistan as well through it.

Thirdly, PPP branded a religious minority group "Heretics" . Why would any party being leftist brand others as heretics ? Is it secularism or plain old Fascism. I think its the later one.

Fourth, PPP though claim itself to be against military establishment works with same establishment in spreading their tentacles all over Pakistan and that too in the name of religion. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto started his career under the shadows of a military general and former President Ayub Khan. Apart from Zia's era,PPP have always worked with military.

PPP through Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto started Jihad way before Zia ul Haq in 1970's when we decided to have    Afghanistan as our unofficial 5th province. ZAB was supporting the young jihadis to get rid of government in Afghanistan that was anti-Pakistan. PPP and ZAB ruined Afghanistan.

PPP never cared for the people of Balochistan and the recent "Aghaz e huqoq e Balochistan Package" is a farce as well since it was during PPP's government that Zulfiqar Ali bhutto ordered the most brutal military operation against balochs resulting in deaths of 15000 Balochs. Balochistan was carpet bombed by military over Bhutto's orders.

PPP never cared for Pakistan's economy. In fact his nationalization policies brought Pakistan and her economy to its knees and sank Pakistan deeper into sea of poverty. Rather it was General Musharraf's privatization that lead to Pakistan having better Economy. Even Nawaz Sharif's policies were better than PPP. Pakistan today under PPP is still doing bad and our economy is in deep slumber.Corruption is sky high while President and PM are on foreign tours every two months using our own taxes.

PPP government is responsible for creating Taliban in 90's. It was during Benazir Bhutto's government that Taliban were made by Pakistan to counter already Anti-Pakistan Northern Alliance and various Tribal militias in Afghanistan. Afghanistan never suffered more in any other government but did suffered hugely under Taliban. That too because of PPP lead government of Pakistan.

PPP plays this "Race" card to counter Political parties in Punjab and MQM in Sindh. Due to this card, a federal party like PPP from Sindh made itself look like just another ethnic nationalist party that is always hell bent in putting all the blame on Punjab. They do the same to Punjab to this day while their own treacherous Punjabi leaders give in from time to time. There is a reason Punjab is hated in Pakistan and these treacherous leaders and PPP is one of those reasons.

PPP's behavior towards provinces is so wrong that in order to counter PML-N, PPP is willing to divide Punjab ,the same Punjab which elected ZAB and it was Lahore where PPP was originally formed. Division on "Administrative basis" is needed but PPP is willing to divide on "Ethnic basis". The move will give rise to Punjabi nationalism and may result in Punjab going the Balochistan-way.

Many leaders from PPP have given their lives over the years and we do appreciate some of the work they did but PPP being in power never brought the main culprits who were responsible to justice. In fact the planners of Benazir Bhutto still roam free,while the murderers of Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti too have not been punished so far. Fact remains that our establishment worked with few extremist groups over the years and PPP have been known to give them leverage from time to time as well.

These are just some of the reason why Pakistan is in deep doodle because of a party like PPP and there are many more reasons as well. In the end,these are my views but I hope a common man realizes that He has been voting for wrong party since many years that has brought nothing but misery to Pakistan.


  1. Well done! You hilighted the critical mistakes, it was ZAB when ahmadis were declared heretics, it was benazir's Gov when talibans gained power and became stronger, & it's zardari's reign when a key extremist personnel "malik ishaq" who openly admits the killings of shia's is released to openly genocide shia.
    Benazir & Salman Taseer both were the victims of religious extremism, & lets not forget when salman taseer was assasinated no ppp member was present to offer his funeral prayers, they weren't bothered because perhaps they too thought another 'kafir' was gunned down, And mumtaz qazi became a hero to Pakistan. I think people should now understand PPP's doubble standards.

  2. Agreed. I hope that PPP realizes the mistakes they've made but it seems too late. It seems as if it is their intentions to deliberately screw pakistan

  3. Some of your points are 100% agreeable, some not and some are relative. On the whole a good research and a good skeptical approach.

  4. Fantastic effort and bring all points relatively about the mistakes being done by PPP however I may not go blindly. Its flaw of our political system who never helped any party to work under right directions. Irrespective to all political differences and deficiencies, PPP is still big political and "Gareeb ki Party". Dont forget your atomic program and missile technology was supervised by both Bhutto and Benazir. Kashmir cause was at its peak in Benazir second era which was unfortunately pushed back by Nawaz and Musharaf