Saturday, 13 August 2011

Happy Independence Day!

 Today we celebrate our country’s Independence Day. On this very day in 1947, our decades worth of hard work finally bore fruits as Pakistan finally came into being, freed from centuries of British Raj and to some “Barantanvi-Hindu Banyie Raj”. But oh well we don’t like to listen to people who lie or present half truth but one thing we do know is that Pakistan is here and no matter how long the debate on Pakistan’s ideology is, we have to make sure we don’t fail Pakistan more so because apparently we have failed it and still are going ahead with continuing the failing process but even with all this, let us not forget all that today as we reaffirm our belief in Pakistan and celebrate this day.

We should not just hoist flag on our house, eat, drink and move on as we Pakistanis are the best when it comes to all that. Let us make a promise never to ignore ongoing situation more and move on, like we did post 1971 or when we lost wars with India which apparently we started ourselves as well but let us never forget our failures again. Let us never forget again that we elected baboons from feudal parties who continue to ruin Pakistan and instead learn from our mistakes. Let us never forget again that we continue to support Jihadis and extremist to this day all over the world who in turn backstab Pakistan but we must at all cost shun our erratic behavior. Let us never forget the blood of 35000 Pakistanis including martyred soldiers who gave their lives for us. Let us never forget again the blood of innocent Balochs who continue to die again and again today as we must shun military operation against them. Let us never forget the Legacy of Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti and give in to intolerant baboons more. Let us never forget those Innocent Kashmiris who continue to die for their land in the name of religion and Pakistan. Let us never forget all those as we must learn from it and change our attitude once and for all.

I know for a fact that most will celebrate this day hoisting flags in their homes and work place, and people will hold ceremonies at different places paying tribute to the contributions of our Forefathers  but we as sane Pakistanis must learn that Pakistan is a country that needs help. Not American, Saudi, Indian or others but help from our very own people, The Pakistanis. We are one unthankful lot as God gave us this country for a reason so let us not forget that reason. We live in an independent and free country where a common man suffers because of upper class elites who still continue to rule and ruin this country but in the end, let us also pay tribute those Pakistanis who work day and night in making ends meet. They are silent Pakistanis not because they don’t want to speak but because our ruling elites have made them silent and these Pakistanis continue to suffer so let us get up for them, help them and Pakistan.

I love Pakistan and I am sure most of you do as well and since its 14th of August today then keeping in mind all our problems, we should still celebrate our freedom but never forget those people around us who continue to suffer. In the end, “Jashan e Azad Mubarak” to you all and May God Almighty have mercy on our country and bless her so that we can show to the world what we are capable of and finally promote positive image of ourselves to them.

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