Monday, 29 August 2011

The Mauling Mirza

 Yes,Dr.Zulfiqar Mirza is back in the headlines yet again and for reasons which are not entirely wrong this time. Around Three and a half years of brewing frustration finally exploded on Sunday as Pakistan and World witnessed Sindh senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza lashing out against Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik and MQM.

It is not a hidden fact that most Pakistanis absolutely hate Rehman Malik so much so that most Ive encountered with have agreed with what Dr.Mirza had to say about it. He called him "Compulsive Liar" and "Single biggest threat to Pakistan",accused him of working with MQM,their target killers etc and Not only this ,he also came up with huge charge sheet against MQM which quite frankly in my opinion is equally responsible for Karachi Debacle just like PPP and ANP.

As for MQM,He accused them including their head Altaf Hussain of being directly responsible for the violence in Karachi. Not only this held Quran over his head telling everyone he's speaking truth and what came next shocked everyone in Pakistan ; He blamed Altaf Hussain for trying to divide Pakistan, allegedly with the help of the United States of America which in my opinion could be true considering our allies as She is has turned our Pakistan into a heap of rubble. USA is in fact an imperialist country which have brought not just Pakistan but many other countries to a standstill and have a direct hand in disintegrating them as well.Also,He claimed to have a letter written by Altaf Hussain in 2001 where He told then British Prime Minister Tony Blair that he would be willing to support them if their government would help them and in return his party will help to disband the ISI. Not only this,told Tony Blair that before "ISI creates more Osama Bin Laden,they must do the needful". The reason most are willing to believe Dr.Mirza is because He was holding Quran as his witness for much of the press conference and If the allegations are true then Altaf Hussain and his cronies must be tried in court.

But let us also not get ahead of ourselves as we must also look at what Dr.Mirza and PPP had done to Karachi as they too in my opinion equally responsible for violence in Karachi. Dr.Mirza is also accused of being racist towards Urdu speakers and we all remember his Tirade against them in the wake of violence in Karachi. or When he spoke against Pakistan(Who can forget his chant of Pakistan Na-Khappay?) but one thing is for sure that in order to prove his allegations,he must at all costs present his charge sheet with proofs to Supreme court so that an action could be taken.

In the end,Karachi suffers and She suffers equally because of PPP,MQM and ANP but I shall blame PPP more as they are the ruling party in Pakistan and then they are the one's blaming MQM as well so what sort of reconciliation they talk about when they fight all day long and when they are involved in the killings of innocents. Being just another observer of Pakistani politics then I have to be completely neutral in my approach but fact remains that Im willing to believe in not everything what Dr.Mirza leveled against MQM or others but at the same time also not willing to believe what MQM have to say as they were the one's initially who started the "Bori-Band-Lashein" concept.

Pakistanis have woken up to a new sort of Politics that will surely change Pakistan but we hope that even in such state of misery, People of Pakistan get up,strive more for hard work and change destiny of Pakistan and take away Pakistan from these vultures who have destroyed our Dear Homeland.

In the end,with whatever Dr.Mirza had to say and with whatever is happening in Pakistan ,this only leaves us with more questions about the future of Politics in Pakistan.


  1. //he must at all costs present his charge sheet with proofs to Supreme court so that an action could be taken.//

    this is never going to happen
    and that is the fact which renders his speech nothing more than a political stunt

  2. Sadly that is the case. ButI hope supreme court invites him so that he can tell what is really going on in Karachi.