Sunday, 28 August 2011

Awesome Sunday!

Sunday night and It is 12:15 am but 'technically' it is Monday now but this past Sunday has been one of the best Sunday's ever. Well there are Three reasons for that. First We were hosting Iftari for someone today so food was always going to be awesome today,second Manchester United were playing Arsenal today which was always going to be treat for our eyes and Thirdly the world's most epic Press conference ever done by none other than PPP's very own Dr.Zulfiqar Mirza.

Woke up knowing we had Iftari to host for family friends and United playing Arsenal,I was texting and tweeting all day long just to get the rhythm going and getting ready for one epic evening. Day went by until I turned on TV again and switched to Geo TV to find Zulfiqar Mirza holding Press conference at Karachi Press conference which apparently bedazzled everyone. From Grinding the senseless Interior Minister Rehman Malik to coming up with charge sheet against MQM gave new meaning,literally new meaning to politics in Pakistan which in my opinion has made people woken up to new dawn of Politics here in this country and things wont be easy from here on. It is more than Personal now when it comes to Pakistan,PPP,MQM etc politics but I dont want to talk much about it. I will perhaps on my next blog post.

As for Iftari, well it was a great Iftari indeed as we hosted family friends who were visiting Pakistan after some years from America. And the food was just great. Biryani,Macaronis,Pulao,Samosay,Pakorays,Fries,Seekh Kabab,Tikkian,Fruit Chaat,Doodh soda,Jalebis and the list in endless and I had it all and Im stuffed now. Im seriously stuffed now.

And cometh 8 pm and The English Premier League's best match at the start of this season started . It was classic encounter of Manchester United against Arsenal. This time United too had young players of their own who have been branded as new "Class of 2011" based upon famous "Class of 1992" and stakes were high as we all knew but they never disappointed as yet again United ransacked the entire Arsenal defence by scoring 8 goals past them with Rooney scoring a Hat tick and in my opinion being Man of the Match.

Today was truly one awesome Sunday and loved every second of it especially the Match and Zulfi's press conference. I wish I could witness more awesome days and spend them equally wonderful as well just like Today's Sunday. But This is Pakistan and we are going through hard time but I hope that not just me but my 180 million brethren too face great days ahead of them,Insh'Allah.

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  1. Is there any day that is not awesome for u,zebi ? :PP