Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Eid Mubarak Everyone

Tomorrow is Eid and it will mark the end of month of Ramadan which in my opinion have been a very short month this time around. The whole month went by in a jiffy,seriously. For whole Ramadan most of us fasted in the name of Islam, gave alms to poor, prayed all day long and of course on Fridays for our and others well being.

Tomorrow we will gather early in the morning in our mosques or some outdoor fields to perform our Eid prayers, followed by a sermon and hopefully not some Funeral prayers this time around(YES We have prayed those as well on eid). But hopefully it'll be a good Eid this time around. So let us celebrate Eid and learn to stay away from few desires that take the best of us. Instead we should focus on the people around us, help them in the hour of need and thank Lord Almighty for all of His blessings. Let us use this day to bolster our belief more in God and His creation.

Again,Eid Mubarak everyone and May Lord Almighty bless all of you and our Pakistan with immense joy,peace and happiness :)

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