Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Eid Mubarak Everyone

Tomorrow is Eid and it will mark the end of month of Ramadan which in my opinion have been a very short month this time around. The whole month went by in a jiffy,seriously. For whole Ramadan most of us fasted in the name of Islam, gave alms to poor, prayed all day long and of course on Fridays for our and others well being.

Tomorrow we will gather early in the morning in our mosques or some outdoor fields to perform our Eid prayers, followed by a sermon and hopefully not some Funeral prayers this time around(YES We have prayed those as well on eid). But hopefully it'll be a good Eid this time around. So let us celebrate Eid and learn to stay away from few desires that take the best of us. Instead we should focus on the people around us, help them in the hour of need and thank Lord Almighty for all of His blessings. Let us use this day to bolster our belief more in God and His creation.

Again,Eid Mubarak everyone and May Lord Almighty bless all of you and our Pakistan with immense joy,peace and happiness :)

Monday, 29 August 2011

The Mauling Mirza

 Yes,Dr.Zulfiqar Mirza is back in the headlines yet again and for reasons which are not entirely wrong this time. Around Three and a half years of brewing frustration finally exploded on Sunday as Pakistan and World witnessed Sindh senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza lashing out against Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik and MQM.

It is not a hidden fact that most Pakistanis absolutely hate Rehman Malik so much so that most Ive encountered with have agreed with what Dr.Mirza had to say about it. He called him "Compulsive Liar" and "Single biggest threat to Pakistan",accused him of working with MQM,their target killers etc and Not only this ,he also came up with huge charge sheet against MQM which quite frankly in my opinion is equally responsible for Karachi Debacle just like PPP and ANP.

As for MQM,He accused them including their head Altaf Hussain of being directly responsible for the violence in Karachi. Not only this held Quran over his head telling everyone he's speaking truth and what came next shocked everyone in Pakistan ; He blamed Altaf Hussain for trying to divide Pakistan, allegedly with the help of the United States of America which in my opinion could be true considering our allies as She is has turned our Pakistan into a heap of rubble. USA is in fact an imperialist country which have brought not just Pakistan but many other countries to a standstill and have a direct hand in disintegrating them as well.Also,He claimed to have a letter written by Altaf Hussain in 2001 where He told then British Prime Minister Tony Blair that he would be willing to support them if their government would help them and in return his party will help to disband the ISI. Not only this,told Tony Blair that before "ISI creates more Osama Bin Laden,they must do the needful". The reason most are willing to believe Dr.Mirza is because He was holding Quran as his witness for much of the press conference and If the allegations are true then Altaf Hussain and his cronies must be tried in court.

But let us also not get ahead of ourselves as we must also look at what Dr.Mirza and PPP had done to Karachi as they too in my opinion equally responsible for violence in Karachi. Dr.Mirza is also accused of being racist towards Urdu speakers and we all remember his Tirade against them in the wake of violence in Karachi. or When he spoke against Pakistan(Who can forget his chant of Pakistan Na-Khappay?) but one thing is for sure that in order to prove his allegations,he must at all costs present his charge sheet with proofs to Supreme court so that an action could be taken.

In the end,Karachi suffers and She suffers equally because of PPP,MQM and ANP but I shall blame PPP more as they are the ruling party in Pakistan and then they are the one's blaming MQM as well so what sort of reconciliation they talk about when they fight all day long and when they are involved in the killings of innocents. Being just another observer of Pakistani politics then I have to be completely neutral in my approach but fact remains that Im willing to believe in not everything what Dr.Mirza leveled against MQM or others but at the same time also not willing to believe what MQM have to say as they were the one's initially who started the "Bori-Band-Lashein" concept.

Pakistanis have woken up to a new sort of Politics that will surely change Pakistan but we hope that even in such state of misery, People of Pakistan get up,strive more for hard work and change destiny of Pakistan and take away Pakistan from these vultures who have destroyed our Dear Homeland.

In the end,with whatever Dr.Mirza had to say and with whatever is happening in Pakistan ,this only leaves us with more questions about the future of Politics in Pakistan.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Awesome Sunday!

Sunday night and It is 12:15 am but 'technically' it is Monday now but this past Sunday has been one of the best Sunday's ever. Well there are Three reasons for that. First We were hosting Iftari for someone today so food was always going to be awesome today,second Manchester United were playing Arsenal today which was always going to be treat for our eyes and Thirdly the world's most epic Press conference ever done by none other than PPP's very own Dr.Zulfiqar Mirza.

Woke up knowing we had Iftari to host for family friends and United playing Arsenal,I was texting and tweeting all day long just to get the rhythm going and getting ready for one epic evening. Day went by until I turned on TV again and switched to Geo TV to find Zulfiqar Mirza holding Press conference at Karachi Press conference which apparently bedazzled everyone. From Grinding the senseless Interior Minister Rehman Malik to coming up with charge sheet against MQM gave new meaning,literally new meaning to politics in Pakistan which in my opinion has made people woken up to new dawn of Politics here in this country and things wont be easy from here on. It is more than Personal now when it comes to Pakistan,PPP,MQM etc politics but I dont want to talk much about it. I will perhaps on my next blog post.

As for Iftari, well it was a great Iftari indeed as we hosted family friends who were visiting Pakistan after some years from America. And the food was just great. Biryani,Macaronis,Pulao,Samosay,Pakorays,Fries,Seekh Kabab,Tikkian,Fruit Chaat,Doodh soda,Jalebis and the list in endless and I had it all and Im stuffed now. Im seriously stuffed now.

And cometh 8 pm and The English Premier League's best match at the start of this season started . It was classic encounter of Manchester United against Arsenal. This time United too had young players of their own who have been branded as new "Class of 2011" based upon famous "Class of 1992" and stakes were high as we all knew but they never disappointed as yet again United ransacked the entire Arsenal defence by scoring 8 goals past them with Rooney scoring a Hat tick and in my opinion being Man of the Match.

Today was truly one awesome Sunday and loved every second of it especially the Match and Zulfi's press conference. I wish I could witness more awesome days and spend them equally wonderful as well just like Today's Sunday. But This is Pakistan and we are going through hard time but I hope that not just me but my 180 million brethren too face great days ahead of them,Insh'Allah.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Why PPP is not a right choice for Pakistan.

 Pakistan Peoples Party was founded by Pakistan's former Prime minister and President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto way back in 1967 and over the period of two to three years,PPP became arguably the most famous party in Pakistan and after the fall of Dhaka,took control of Pakistan and Zulfiqar Ali bhutto became President and later Prime minister of the country.

Ideologically PPP is leftist in nature and secular but I being a person who has kept close eyes on PPP over last few years can safely say that whatever PPP did in their history so far had nothing,absolutely nothing to do with "Secularism" .Not only are they not secular in real but would also like to jot some points below about how they have been disastrous for Pakistan and how are they not right for our future.

First of all, PPP being leftist believes in "Islamic Socialism". I can understand their socialistic ideology but "Islamic Socialism" is exactly what ? seems this term is another name of "Pan-Islamism" or if not then what else is it ? Yes,it is an oxymoron. Socialism is a different thing altogether from 'Islamic' system.

Secondly, PPP made Pakistan "Islamic Republic". Any party that claims to be leftist and secular in nature would never eye a country based on "religious beliefs". Not only PPP made mistakes but used "Islam" just as much as Jihadis and ruined her image,not to forget ruined Pakistan as well through it.

Thirdly, PPP branded a religious minority group "Heretics" . Why would any party being leftist brand others as heretics ? Is it secularism or plain old Fascism. I think its the later one.

Fourth, PPP though claim itself to be against military establishment works with same establishment in spreading their tentacles all over Pakistan and that too in the name of religion. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto started his career under the shadows of a military general and former President Ayub Khan. Apart from Zia's era,PPP have always worked with military.

PPP through Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto started Jihad way before Zia ul Haq in 1970's when we decided to have    Afghanistan as our unofficial 5th province. ZAB was supporting the young jihadis to get rid of government in Afghanistan that was anti-Pakistan. PPP and ZAB ruined Afghanistan.

PPP never cared for the people of Balochistan and the recent "Aghaz e huqoq e Balochistan Package" is a farce as well since it was during PPP's government that Zulfiqar Ali bhutto ordered the most brutal military operation against balochs resulting in deaths of 15000 Balochs. Balochistan was carpet bombed by military over Bhutto's orders.

PPP never cared for Pakistan's economy. In fact his nationalization policies brought Pakistan and her economy to its knees and sank Pakistan deeper into sea of poverty. Rather it was General Musharraf's privatization that lead to Pakistan having better Economy. Even Nawaz Sharif's policies were better than PPP. Pakistan today under PPP is still doing bad and our economy is in deep slumber.Corruption is sky high while President and PM are on foreign tours every two months using our own taxes.

PPP government is responsible for creating Taliban in 90's. It was during Benazir Bhutto's government that Taliban were made by Pakistan to counter already Anti-Pakistan Northern Alliance and various Tribal militias in Afghanistan. Afghanistan never suffered more in any other government but did suffered hugely under Taliban. That too because of PPP lead government of Pakistan.

PPP plays this "Race" card to counter Political parties in Punjab and MQM in Sindh. Due to this card, a federal party like PPP from Sindh made itself look like just another ethnic nationalist party that is always hell bent in putting all the blame on Punjab. They do the same to Punjab to this day while their own treacherous Punjabi leaders give in from time to time. There is a reason Punjab is hated in Pakistan and these treacherous leaders and PPP is one of those reasons.

PPP's behavior towards provinces is so wrong that in order to counter PML-N, PPP is willing to divide Punjab ,the same Punjab which elected ZAB and it was Lahore where PPP was originally formed. Division on "Administrative basis" is needed but PPP is willing to divide on "Ethnic basis". The move will give rise to Punjabi nationalism and may result in Punjab going the Balochistan-way.

Many leaders from PPP have given their lives over the years and we do appreciate some of the work they did but PPP being in power never brought the main culprits who were responsible to justice. In fact the planners of Benazir Bhutto still roam free,while the murderers of Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti too have not been punished so far. Fact remains that our establishment worked with few extremist groups over the years and PPP have been known to give them leverage from time to time as well.

These are just some of the reason why Pakistan is in deep doodle because of a party like PPP and there are many more reasons as well. In the end,these are my views but I hope a common man realizes that He has been voting for wrong party since many years that has brought nothing but misery to Pakistan.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Happy Independence Day!

 Today we celebrate our country’s Independence Day. On this very day in 1947, our decades worth of hard work finally bore fruits as Pakistan finally came into being, freed from centuries of British Raj and to some “Barantanvi-Hindu Banyie Raj”. But oh well we don’t like to listen to people who lie or present half truth but one thing we do know is that Pakistan is here and no matter how long the debate on Pakistan’s ideology is, we have to make sure we don’t fail Pakistan more so because apparently we have failed it and still are going ahead with continuing the failing process but even with all this, let us not forget all that today as we reaffirm our belief in Pakistan and celebrate this day.

We should not just hoist flag on our house, eat, drink and move on as we Pakistanis are the best when it comes to all that. Let us make a promise never to ignore ongoing situation more and move on, like we did post 1971 or when we lost wars with India which apparently we started ourselves as well but let us never forget our failures again. Let us never forget again that we elected baboons from feudal parties who continue to ruin Pakistan and instead learn from our mistakes. Let us never forget again that we continue to support Jihadis and extremist to this day all over the world who in turn backstab Pakistan but we must at all cost shun our erratic behavior. Let us never forget the blood of 35000 Pakistanis including martyred soldiers who gave their lives for us. Let us never forget again the blood of innocent Balochs who continue to die again and again today as we must shun military operation against them. Let us never forget the Legacy of Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti and give in to intolerant baboons more. Let us never forget those Innocent Kashmiris who continue to die for their land in the name of religion and Pakistan. Let us never forget all those as we must learn from it and change our attitude once and for all.

I know for a fact that most will celebrate this day hoisting flags in their homes and work place, and people will hold ceremonies at different places paying tribute to the contributions of our Forefathers  but we as sane Pakistanis must learn that Pakistan is a country that needs help. Not American, Saudi, Indian or others but help from our very own people, The Pakistanis. We are one unthankful lot as God gave us this country for a reason so let us not forget that reason. We live in an independent and free country where a common man suffers because of upper class elites who still continue to rule and ruin this country but in the end, let us also pay tribute those Pakistanis who work day and night in making ends meet. They are silent Pakistanis not because they don’t want to speak but because our ruling elites have made them silent and these Pakistanis continue to suffer so let us get up for them, help them and Pakistan.

I love Pakistan and I am sure most of you do as well and since its 14th of August today then keeping in mind all our problems, we should still celebrate our freedom but never forget those people around us who continue to suffer. In the end, “Jashan e Azad Mubarak” to you all and May God Almighty have mercy on our country and bless her so that we can show to the world what we are capable of and finally promote positive image of ourselves to them.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ramadan Mubarak

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:-
"Allah said 'Every action of the son of Adam is for him except fasting, for that is solely for Me. I give the reward for it. The fast is a shield"

Al-Baqarah-2:185 :-
"the month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’aan, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadan i.e. is present at his home), he must observe Sawm (fasts) that month…”

Ramadan is one of the most important months in Islamic calendar in which the Muslims celebrate the entire month with fasting, prayers and sacrifice. It is that month where we have to follow the path that was bestowed by God Almighty on us through His messengers so let us fast, pray, give alms and sacrifice a bit for His pleasure and for the people around us.It is that time when we finally get closer to the Almighty God. In the end,I wish you all "Ramadan Mubarak" again and May God Almighty  bless us with joy,peace,patience and strength of mind.