Friday, 15 July 2011

Dr. Mirza,The Mad One !

Karachi burns again and not after few months but only two days after recent spate of Target killings and who's responsible ? former Home minister Sindh,Dr Zulfiqar Mirza or the Mad One as I like to call him because that is who he is,a callous,racist,chauvinist,bigoted and very intolerant good for nothing politician who is not only a bane on Sindh but entire Pakistan. If you all have not yet seen or heard his recent comments then look no further and check this out as He continous with his stupid and racist comments against one group after meeting with ANP's head in Sindh ,Shahi Syed. Little did he realize that he has the blood of  15 people on his hands as protestors ravaged Karachi and this time Hyderabad as well .He has already apologized over video statement but why should we care now ? This is not the first time when this man has come up with such retarded comments as no one can forget his tirade when Benazir Bhutto got assassinated as he wanted to break Pakistan. But people moved on and PPP made him Home minister of Sindh Province but he did not stop there as he continued to lock horns with another party that pretty much does politics on ethnicity as well and the battle for being the bigger racist went on and on until MQM decided that they must move on to other provinces for betterment which is very commendable by the way until Karachi saw another spate of killings recently that resulted in killings of more than 100 people in four days as MQM and ANP fought after MQM quit the coalition in center and provincial cabinet but Dr.Mad One had another thing in mind and Voila not only he cemented his place as being the most racist person and politician in Pakistan but also made sure he gets no respect anymore because trust me this guy deserves nothing as he is putting the lives of innocent Karachites and Sindhis at stake. He does not know that it was Sindh province that first accepted Pakistan resolution and that Qauid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a sindhi himself and who can forget Zulfiqar Ali bhutto or Benazir Bhutto but Dr.Mad One made sure that he does not deserve any respect. Today Sindh and Pakistan is shameful because of her son but of course we like always will move on but what about those 15 families who suffered only because of what this man has to say. Shame Dr.Mirza shame on you !


  1. Shame , shame on this Mad Dr. I think the status does not suit his ilk, hence the mad display of emotions.

  2. Have you all heard comments of Ansar Burney recently ? He has asked President to admit Dr "Mad" in his facility for mental patients :D