Monday, 4 July 2011

It started with the DAAZURT - It really did !

The above song was created by a very well known Pakistani band "The Unknowns" as they call them in Pakistan when the video surfaced after two decades or so. The song's called "Started with the desert" was made for our bestiee in the whole wide world also known as Saudi Arabia so that we can highlight our great slavery ...oh sorry Friendship with saudis by only mentioning them over and over again in the song . Lyrics are something like this :-

Started with the Daazurt(desert),
came from the desert ,
came in September,


You know all,there are two types of love in my opinion. One is love "Love" and other is hate "Love" and if we were to correlate it with International stage where Bilateral diplomatic(well most of the times) relations are shown at their best then I cannot help but come up with this that our country Pakistan, the Great Islamic Republic of Pakistan may very well be involved in love "Love" relationship with Saudis. Basically we are those "Bahus" who do not get anything from their "Susraal" and Husband in particular but we still do it ALL WE CAN for them in return. But the best part of this relationship is that in most cases it tends to be successful and yes even after all sorts of problems,we still produce crap load of children for them,I mean SERIOUSLY we do ! The bachas in our case are Jihadis as we imported the best from them,even trained them just like a good mother,gave them perks and in the end our love was not enough and got 'Tight chittrs' in return by our very own children.

You know why we love Saudis so much is because having a 'bad' relationship with them will almost cost us our perks,the oil and perhaps bit of an aid as well .Wahabis may even brand us 'Heretics' for all we know since we do have religious minorities of all kinds equally taking part in military and civilian establishment but why would we want to destroy our "Pyar bhara,bachon se bhara,chittrs se bhi bhara" pyar with them ? because we Pakistanis are "Thekedaars" and we have taken "Theka" for Islam as well which by the way emanated from Arabia as well.

*SIGH* When will we ever learn ? Our relationship is an embarrassment in it self. May Lord give us wisdom to step up and ask for Divorce and truly then can we save our dear "Bahu" called Pakistan.


  1. This is hilarious. We seriously need a life to live. There is a huge human garbage out there doing fuck for nothing but humiliation and embarrassment casting on us. Who are 'us'? Yeah, Losers !!

    I don't know why we are everywhere just for shit !!

  2. LOL,I could'nt agree more - It may seem funny but It is sad as well,VERY SAD. I hope we as a nation finally stand up to this senile behavior by our leaders for so called friends. :\