Monday, 4 July 2011

Grand Alliance or Grand rhetoric ?

So MQM have left the government AGAIN but this time out of 'Waseeh Tar mufaad' of Pakistan. I for one actually welcome this since they're hoping to join hands with their arch rivals, the mighty Sher e Punjab Mian sahib's PML-N and for what ? to ouster a current government which quite frankly have done nothing for the people or the country.

But BUT what do people get out of this "Waseeh tar mafad" other than sheer hypocrisy which by the way have always been the case. And how did MQM and PML-N reach this stage anyway. No,its not due to misery of the people as people do not and never matter but our El'Presidente's "Molvi-Rant" and of course "AJK-election" for Nawaz Sharif and MQM respectively.

Even though I support their choice but I do not get it either. Why do these senile politicians think it makes difference to people if someone blurts out a total crap regarding Mian sahib or Altaf Bhai. Both do not matter for people unless of course You are Mashahidullah Khan or Waseem Akhtar and their usual rants are of course followed by epic rants such as "Teri dash ki dash or Wig lagata hai" but we shall see what comes out of this alliance. I hope this does not pave way for another Khakis ruling us.

Time will tell us if MQM and PML did the right thing over this so-called Alliance but in order to make a true difference which they should have done it by now, by leaving the government and actually acting like Opposition long ago respectively but for now ,all I see is just another rhetoric by Muttahida Qalabazi Movement and Mian sahib's impotent Babar Shers.

In the end, Khappay-Brigade matters for now as they sit in the lap of establishment sucking the blood of a commoner through revenge that is called democracy !


  1. well...mian sahab the GREAT 'Kaghaz k shair'... balkay what they say its not shair ye kuttay ko mehndi lagai hui hai :D.... is just trying to fulfill the deal

    "Pehlay tuhadi fair saadi waari"

    and mutahida... is ...khair leave tht every sould know that :D

  2. "Pehlay tuhadi fair saadi waari" [2]

    That sadly has always been the case with PPP/PML :\