Friday, 22 July 2011

Republic of Load shedding

So as I write this,Ive already faced some 14 hours of load shedding today and I am not alone as 180 million others suffer the same fate as well.
Who knew the 8th nuclear country in this world be suffering from it so you know,you dont have to look further as we are talking about Pakistan after all. The land of load shedding,economy in deep slumber,corruption,the Khakis and of course the jihadis but oh well,Pakistanis have this deep knack of taking it all in,absorbing it and still coming out of it standing. But here's whats more interesting ,The fact that Pakistanis do come out on streets for protests and government still not doing enough to save the people from such misery which apparently has made us more lethargic to our very own misfortunes which outshines this simple problem of load shedding,after all we have million other more important problems at helm as well but oh well I wont discuss those issues as I am going to talk about load shedding because apparently it has made my life a living hell as well,I cant do my assignments on time,I cannot use internet for my work,I cant print my work out because of it etc .I am after all part of those 180 million lazy buggers though i think i am less lazy and perhaps the only one who is more lazy than us is probably our government itself as for them we dont matter. We the sheeps of this land dont matter as wolves from the surrounding forest known as world target us from time to time ; Americans and Jihadis do it and they make nice "Pakistan-saji" out of us. If they make saji out of us then Load shedding, Zardari & Co makes Biryani out of us and we make some awesome biryani. Now things are looking bright or do they ? since we're over Raja Pervez Ashraf's "One-year-for-Load shedding-to-end" rant as WAPDA chairman has announced to make perfect "Pulao" of us for next 7 years to finally put an end to our misery and get rid of load shedding which in my honest opinion has made our behavior rather 'whorish' and if you still do not know shenanigans of Pakistan 'Internationally' then you are probably another Raja Pervez ashraf lying to us and yourself and perhaps deserve a nice vacation in nearest Mental institution.
We all know Pakistan has this huge amount of natural resources at helm but we dont do anything about it. In fact the gas that we get from Sui is not even available in Sui in the first place so how are we any different from Imperialists and age old colonialists ? I dont think we are. What about Kalabagh dam ? apparently Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has this ego-problem hence they cant see Pakistanis ever be happy and if they dont have any problem then God alone knows why they're against it because apparently for ANP goons,their city Nowshera was drowned not by KBD but by Floods(which could have been controlled by KBD) and as for sindh ? well "Punjab-Takes-everything" rant continues while poor sindhis continue to face load shedding. They need no electricity, all they need is "darshan" of "Sayien Zardari" and "Bhutto sayien" and they're well and good. What about Punjab government ? They're busy in making Ferozepur road fly over in Lahore and they dont have time for any other place so let it be. We need electricity but we are not willing to utilize our time and resources for it. For how long we are going to cry out loud "WAPDA te Bomb wajay" ? for how long we have to wait to finally make dams and power plants for water and electricity ? But whatever the case,Let poor Pakistanis suffer as we look rather good with those stupid faces crying all day for bit of mercy that we even fail to get from other countries and even God.
For now,Load shedding will continue and we have no one to blame except ourselves. Pakistan has written "Bhaar mein jaye" all over her and that is our fate !

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  1. I wish you could move here but i hope government does smthing and pakistanis finally get rid of the so called load shedding problem :((