Sunday, 18 November 2012

TCF 3rd Day - Hero Speakers

Before I start I must tell this past week was very intense for me and seriously depressing so I was looking forward to new and 3rd day/Milestone of TCF’s Rahbar program. This ‘Milestone’ was about two real life heroes who from very humble beginnings made it big. This day was about their stories and how they dreamed to get education and how education made the difference in their lives. I needed to hear them out; I needed to learn a thing or two because even though I tend to work hard, I give in easily at times too. So this day was not about just the hero speakers and kids but about me and other mentors as well.

Winters have arrived finally and Lahore’s very cold so getting up at 6 am in the morning is the hardest thing for me to do but this was one day where I just had to do it and make it there because I was anxious. It was exactly when I got to Model Town’s TCF office that I met two Hero speakers ‘Zubair Sameer’ and ‘Humaira Sardar’ who made it there courtesy of a friend; Maham as she arranged everything for Nurpur campus. I think around 10 am we were all at Nurpur campus and all groups consisting of kids and mentors now were gathering up at terrace where we were to listen to both Zubair and Humaira, about them, what they do their lives, their humble beginnings and their fights with whatever the life had to throw at them. It was great. It wasn’t just about the kids but about us mentors too.

First it was Zubair Saleem’s turn. Now this guy is from Kasur, is 22 year old and just doesn’t share first name with me but age as well so I was looking forward to listen to him. This dude is a hero seriously. He told us how his grandmother was suffering from a disease and how his family had to sell everything in house even the last Television set to take care of entire medical expenses so this guy had to complete his schooling a bit late. He recently completed his FA and got admission in BA so this guy is learning his trade while working for NGO and making difference in and around his community. This guy picked himself from the scratch and made it big.

Next one up was Humaira Sardar who too is from Kasur and like Zubair, she has faced a lot of problems herself and still made it through. Her family couldn’t afford no education so all six siblings had to work with father to make ends meet but she was always adamant that she needs to study in a school so her parents allowed her so not only worked being a child helping her father out but she studied day and day out and now she’s done with her bachelor’s degree and plans to study abroad as well. Her story is more courageous I must say because her father used to taunt her daily as in why was she studying in the first place because she could have easily worked and made money but she fought her father and relatives. She suffered for years and now she has made it. She fought well. The best part was a fact that both hero speakers connected well with the kids and us mentors. I was seriously impressed. 

In the end, this day was special and I needed this motivational uplift myself. I must admit that no matter what I do and how much I try to connect with kids every week, these two did it quite easily because in these two heroes speakers, they saw fighters who fought battles day and day out and never gave up. I don’t know if I can do it but I need to learn a lot from them.

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  1. Great blog post zubair. I am so glad you r enjoying volunteering here. these 2 ppl who were hero speakers, their story seems great and inspiring indeed. keep up the good work, bro :))))