Saturday, 17 November 2012

TCF 2nd Day - Defining Success

It’s been a week since my second day with kids or rather ‘Sunshine’. I was busy this week so couldn’t get a chance to write about it. But the experience so far has been so much overwhelming that I must write about it, it’s been that great. I am new to this ‘mentoring’ experience but so far I believe I’m learning equally like the kids. 

The second session or ‘Milestone’ was divided in three parts or categories; Community visit, Soch Sey Taqdeer Tak cycle and Success & Failure. I must confess one thing that unlike other mentors I did not at all print out or go through the divided milestones as most have done because every Saturday I see most of them going through notes, reading it again and again so that they can share whatever they have in mind with kids. It’s a great thing and that is why I’ve decided to write certain things on a piece of paper that I will carry along. It'll certainly help me. But the great thing so far has been the cooperation from my co-mentor Raza Zaidi who’s been brilliant so far. He too has been lazy on the ‘notes’ part but the guy has way with the words, Kids love him.

In the morning I have to go to TCF’s main office in Model Town and from there on,have to gather along with other mentors in Defense so It took more than hour for this entire exercise to happen but we did make it to Nurpur campus in the end. I was bit surprised because only two kids; Sajawal and Momin were there out of total six. It was shocking because previous week only two told me about going out on a wedding but another two didn’t make it as well but that doesn’t matter because the community visit was wonderful in the end. These kids had to act like our guides and had to walk us through the nearby area and tell us about it, their village, their area, their families and how things there are. Another reason it was great because they had brought along food which we had later on during discussion hour unlike other groups. The whole community visit was great because here we weren’t discussing something very serious and everything was casual and seriously as I’d like to say, we were all ‘CHILL’ so for next 30 minutes, it was us mentors, these two kids and amazing community around TCF school and not only this we even took photos. Check the photo beneath this paragraph. It is great,isn't it ?

Now when we came back from community visit, it was ALL about the food. Yes we had Pulao, chicken roast and of course coca Cola and man it was delicious <3. Now we were bound to discuss other two categories. First it was the ‘Soch sey Takdeer tak(Though to Destiny) cycle’ . I must insist that I had only read about the cycle once and I’m not exactly good with discussing every bit of what information we’re provided. I think having that casual discussion with kids is better, way better and explaining them in simple words is quite easy for me to make my point go across and I think this is where kids did understand the entire cycle. Not just this, they easily explained the entire cycle in correlation with the life of a robber, an educated man and even Dr. A.Q.Khan.  I’m not saying these kids are perfect but when they explained in their way, and then it made sense to me at least.

After this we moved on to another part about success and failure and here I was surprised again because these two kids had an idea about it. They knew it that success and failure depends on individuals.  Personally the whole idea of success and failure changes from time to time. The great thing was, these two kids knew it that success and failure both come naturally and what was more surprising was a fact they knew one has to stay grounded if successful and work hard if failed. I gotta admit I do have high hopes from these two kids.

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