Thursday, 20 December 2012

TCF 5th Day - Life goals and Career plans

Its been 4 days since the session on 'Life goals and Career plans' with kids. Yes I am late 4 days for this blog but then I was busy with my university but I gotta do this because I have been loving it so far at this current session. This is second last day of entire Rahbar session and I'll miss these kids so much when we're finally done this coming saturday. Moving on, This previous session was about kids having to realize their dreams with respect to their set life and career goals. Okay I must admit that this session was rather tough because everyone like always since generations upon generations had set upon becoming Doctors or Engineers. There was no other option. But I was ready along with my co-mentor Raza Bhai to make sure they look at other professions as well which may turn out to be more successful for them.

Initially we divided kids into two groups in order for them to guess and tell us about all sort of careers and I had to write them one by one on black board. It was fun because at one point they decided to turn the table and make us mentors guess the careers they had in mind. From obvious Doctors, Engineers to careers such as environmentalist, architects, Civil servants, computer engineers etc, these kids definitely had other ideas...except all of them either wanted to be Doctors or Engineers except two kids because one wanted to be mathematician and other Banker. This was almost like a breadth of fresh air for us because mostly no one wants to be a mathematicians because one has got to be  real good at mathematics to be one and this kid 'Zeeshan' was good at it so It was great over all. The other Kid 'Fayyaz' who wanted to become Banker needn't worry as well since my co-mentor Raza Zaidi himself is an investment banker so all sort of questions were thrown at him and guy just knew how to answer.

Moving on we had to discuss about life throwing all sorts of 'Mushkilaat' at us because lets be honest we dont always become what we want or yearned all our lives but the main point is that life eventually goes on and that it is'nt that bad after all. Its a journey and no matter what happens, no matter when ever we stumble we always have plan B's and C's that take care of us and we move on. This is exactly the case with careers because if we dont get to study something because of reasons, we can always look at other professions because other careers are equally great and important as well. Here we reiterated again and again that success will only come when you choose something you like and you enjoy it till the end. Alternative plan regarding career is very important and I think the kids learned it quite well.

In the very last we mentors again had to reiterate a point which correlated along the lines of 'Soch sey Taqdeer tak' cycle except this one was about Life or as milestone puts is 'Recipe of Life'. Here the main emphasis was on them kids being all complete only when they equally take care of their family, community and friends with their career aspirations. 

Again this session was somewhat tough. Its not like I dont want kids to become Doctors and Engineers and InshAllah they will become whatever they yearn but I must reiterate here that they do have an idea about other professions. These kids maybe different from many kids their age group but their dreams equally matter. Can they do it? I believe InshAllah they will :)

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