Monday, 10 October 2011

My Motivational formula

You know I am a person who gets down a lot, who have seen failures upon failures and even though I am in no way any successful as I should have been(Yeah right :p) but there are two things that I always look onto whenever I feel low. First one is something that I made up in my mind that i always think and second one is a video that I found on Facebook on a friend's wall. I paraphrase my very own motivational formula from time to time,mostly on my Facebook statuses and you know what It has helped me quite a lot but here how it goes:-
"Right ahead of me is an ocean full of misery,loss and pain but right ahead of it is my very own land of glory. There is no way to reach that place except to swim in the ocean and hence I dive and I swim. I swim for myself,I swim for my present and future. No need to look back, eyes all ahead at the prize. No need to fear, instill the roughness you possess into the ocean,let it know that a warrior swims in it,beating wave after wave - I shall be glorious" :-)

I always think of this when ever I feel depressed and its great that a guy like me who's very ordinary and good for nothing can actually think like that but you know, apparently i can :p

The second is the video that i watch too ,from time to time. I am sure many have seen it already but let me share this again:-

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