Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Curious Case of Retarded PTA

Something is seriously wrong with Pakistan as our country truly is a paranoid State. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or PTA have again banned explicit websites so that Pakistanis who are epitome of morality don’t give in to horde of sinister evil plans by supposed Western Zionist along with their Hindu counterparts who in turn maliciously counter Pakistan through hell lot of pornography that result in death of millions of lives pre or sometimes post spermatogenesis. These Western goons are responsible for mass genocide, yes actual massacre that have hurt Muslims and Pakistani’s true sense of morality.

 So not only have they banned explicit sites after placing filters, they apparently have banned “Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Wikipedia page as well. Of course here PTA is not directly responsible for it, my cable internet provider WorldCall is but for how long Pakistan as a state will continue to ban something that in my opinion complements our basic rights. Every internet user should have the choice to do whatever on internet he or she pleases and even if pornography is banned then why ban loads of other sites along with it? I remember way back in 2007, Government banned Youtube for few days and last year they again banned Facebook due to “Blasphemy and religious reasons”. Few days ago, PTA's website was hacked by some hacker who left a message demanding ban on all websites containing explicit material and probably that is why PTA have quickly give in to such blackmail. We have to realize that in order to counter claim of others such as “Pornistan” etc, Pakistan and Pakistanis have actually made a laughing stock of themselves in front of the world.

I am against such ban because I believe whatever one does on internet is in fact one’s right of freedom of expression and content unless of course they are some exceptional cases. I am a proud Muslim and Pakistani who loves his religion and country but we don’t have to give in to these odd demands but rather we should ignore them because in time the actual trolls will learn to stop their hateful campaign as well.


  1. sir i m using ptcl net and the ptcl imposes any policy made by pta and i havent seen any ban uptil now.

  2. its true.. due to small events they ban few sites.. which i guess shouldn't be done since every citizen should have a choice to choose between whats right or wrong.. they should see picture from both sides ! so well said Zubair