Friday, 30 December 2011

Aloha 2012: Happy New Year, people!

It’s already December 31st and we’re about to step into year 2012 so I would like to wish Happy New Year to all of you out there. Hopefully, this New Year turns out to be a year where we can finally learn to end our differences, finally move on, accept new people in our lives, accept Pakistan as it is, finally see 'Altaf Bhai' returning back but above all do not witness the Mayan Prophecy coming true regarding world ending in 2012. God forbids if that happens ever. We must continue to live and being ever so ‘Dheet’.

I know I have not been actively blogging over some months but one of my many New Year resolutions include me being regular this time around. It was just that I was seriously very very VERY busy in last semester so I had to work really hard. But on the bright side, I got A grade in every course I took so I am very thankful still.

Before I wish you all again, I would like to tell how year 2011 went for me. It actually went real good except the end which was very tough but over all it was great. If I were to describe year 2011 in one word then it is “Change” because the year brought so many changes in my life. I have to admit that past two years did not at all go so well but finally it ticked for me this year. My friends left for new places so I also made new friends who are just truly brilliant. Though most of them are nerds but perhaps they have been successful in rubbing that ‘nerdy’ charm on me too but who am I kidding? I love it.

So,Happy New Year again people. May God bless us all, our country Pakistan and our selfish world. Som toodles 2011 and Aloha 2012. I am so ready for you!


  1. Happy new year brodaaaa :DD

  2. Thank you both ! Happy New Year to both of you :)