Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year, New Semester - Life goes on..

My spring semester starts from Monday and hopefully I can do a lot well this time around than previous semester. Which reminds me did I tell you folks my grades from previous semester? I guess no. I scored all 5 A’s and perfect 4.00 gpa and my cgpa still is 4.00. People one thing that you must know that I am not a nerd, I swear but in fact one of the most stupid, chilled out, almost hippie sort of guy you’ll ever meet ever. Seriously, no kidding!

I don’t know how I do it but I am almost sure that it is because of nerdy friends that I made last year. They have definitely rubbed that charm over me and some of my older friends hate it considering they now see a total stranger who gets good grades, does social work, blogs (YES I blog – Allah di qasmay) and still finds time to blurt total bullshit that they always knew “Khan saab” wouldn’t ever get rid of. Yes, how can I stop blurting total non-sense from time to time? This new blog post flaunting about my grades is perfect example of it but I do it nonetheless because I love it. Yes I have finally decided that in order to increase my blog posts and viewership, I will at times talk blog bullshit as well because I am good at it. Its an art, I tell you. It really is.

But oh well New Year just has started and my classes will commence from Monday and I am already thinking to take part in usual uni-stuff that most students wouldn’t do. Let me correct, most ‘wailey’ students wouldn’t do but I will because I am inaccessibly cool and able to do shit that is worth doing. That epitomizes me folks, that really does. My new friends will agree, I’m sure 

So who wants to see how i look like when my new semester starts. Its pretty much the same when i sneeze, think, shit, play PES on xbox, get a crush, shit and God knows what else. Toodles everyone.

P.s : No i don't exactly look like Mr.Mackey from South Park. I just didn't get to find any good meme. My bad!

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